Computer Drop-offs

During this pandemic, CA Computer Tech is offering our customers the option to drop-off their computer to us with no person-to-person contact. Please read the instructions below.

Computer Drop-off
Call us at 772-834-3000 or use our contact form and we will determine if your computer can be accessed remotely by asking you a few simple questions.

If your computer needs to be dropped off, we take your contact info and schedule a time frame of when you intend on dropping off your computer.

Checklist before dropping off.
1. Make sure the computer is physically cleaned.
2. Disconnect any USB wireless adapters for mice, keyboards, FitBit, etc.
3. Bring the power cord for laptops and all-in-ones. If you have a tower that has the three prong power cord, please do not bring it.
4. Call or text to let us know you're on the way.

When you arrive.
1. Bring your computer to our front door and place inside of the large sealed plastic bin.
2. Ring the doorbell just before you leave.
3. We will immediately retrieve your computer and send you a text or call you to confirm we have it in our possession.

Our work procedure
Your computer will be cleaned and sanitized with a safe and effective antibacterial/antiviral cleaner. We will then diagnose your computer and call you with a repair estimate or we can email it to you at the email address you provided.

Once the repairs are complete and we fully test your computer, it will be cleaned and sanitized again. We will then call you to schedule a time frame of when you intend on picking up your computer. Your computer will be placed into the sealed plastic bin 30 min before you arrive. An invoice will be emailed with a secure link to pay by credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, let us know before you pickup your computer.

Make checks payable to CA Computer Tech.


1366 SE Concha St
Port St Lucie, FL 34983


Mon - Fri  8:00-5:00 p.m.
Saturday - By appt only
Sunday - Closed


We do not have a storefront.
If you would like to bring your computer to us, please call us at 772-834-3000 to schedule a time.