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Cloud Services

CA Computer Tech now offers safe, affordable, off-site data backup and remote monitoring services for residential and commercial clients. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Our Cloud Backup solution performs automatic daily backups of your files. Your data is uploaded via HTTPS and is always encrypted at rest when stored in the cloud. Your data is safely stored in US-based premier tier 4 datacenter facilities. Don't put your data at risk because of hardware failure, fire or theft! 

Basic Cloud Backup $10.00 per mo
250GB of storage for 1 pc.
Basic Cloud Backup $120.00 per yr
250GB of storage for 1 pc.

Plus Cloud Backup $18.00 per mo
500GB of storage for 2 pc's.
Plus Cloud Backup - $216.00 per yr
500GB of storage for 2 pc's.

Remote Guardian is an affordable solution that constantly monitors your computer's resources & health when it's operating. We can securely monitor the hard drive health, windows updates, software installations and security settings. If we are notified of an event warning, such as overheating or hard drive S.M.A.R.T. warnings, we contact you immediately!

Remote Guardian starts at $10.00 per mo
Win 8 & 10. Installed on 1pc.


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We do not have a storefront.
If you would like to bring your computer to us, please call us at 772-834-3000 to schedule a time.